Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Blanket is Growing!

Our Oddball Orphan Blanket has gotten 4 sections completed so far, and looks so bright and colorful!

Here's how it looks after Amy, Shandeh, misha rf, and HollyP all did their stitching:

Oddball Orphan Blanket after HollyP

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Latest Oddball Blanket is for Orphans!

We've recently started a new Oddball Blanket in the Knitting Help Forum. This one has a specific destination already - an orphanage in Mexico. :)

So, we've dubbed this blanket "The Oddball Orphan Blanket".

Our blanket was cast on by Amy, the person that started the Knitting Help website. She used a bright green worsted weight yarn, with a very interesting knitting pattern:

Orphan Blanket Start

Amy's Stitch Design

Next, Shandeh in North Carolina added some bright yellow and orange stripes:
Oddball Orphan Blanket

Shandeh's Knitting Up Close

Now, our blanket is on the road to misha rf in North Carolina. :)